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Thomas Jefferson: Passionate Pilgrim

Mapp, Alf J.

Šifra: 068971

Kategorija: Foreign languages (English, Francais, Italiano, Deutsch, etc.)

Podkategorija: English History and Politics

Autor: Mapp, Alf J.

Stranica: 445

Izdavač: Madison Books

Godina: 1991

Mjesto izdavanja: Lanham - NY

Uvez: Tvrdi

Format: 18x24 cm

Stanje knjige: Vrlo dobro


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The Presidency, the Founding of the University and the Private Battle. Condition: Very Good (Hardcover). In Thomas Jefferson: Passionate Pilgrim, Jefferson the human being, passionate in his loves and hates, is never lost in a revealing portrait of the public figure. Witnessing Jefferson's actions in private life as well as in the arena of history, the reader learns why this founding father was abhorred by some but adored by many more. The book not only is enlightening about Jefferson's personality, character, and career, but also enables us to view America and Europe in the first quarter of the nineteenth century through the eyes of the one person best qualified to see them in all phases. His wide acquaintance on both sides of the Atlantic, his richly varied interests, and his life as both scholar and social animal, gave him a unique perspective.
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