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The Arts in Middle Ages & Renaissance

Lacroix, Paul

Šifra: 064669

Kategorija: Foreign languages (English, Francais, Italiano, Deutsch, etc.)

Podkategorija: English Social Sciences (philosophy, humanities)

Autor: Lacroix, Paul

Stranica: 520

Izdavač: Bracken Books

Godina: 1996

Mjesto izdavanja: London

Uvez: Meki

Format: 13x22 cm

Stanje knjige: Vrlo dobro


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The Arts in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Paperback. Condition Very Good. All the Arts are interesting in themselves. Their productions awaken attention and excite curiosity. But here it is not one Art only that is treated of. We pass in review all the Arts, starting from the fourth century to the second half of the sixteenth — Architecture raising churches and abbeys, palaces and public memorials, strong fortresses and the ramparts of cities: Sculpture adorning and perfecting other Arts by its works in stone, marble, bronze, wood, and ivory: Painting, commencing with mosaic and enamels, contributing to the decoration of buildings jointly with stained glass and frescoes, embellishing and illuminating manuscripts before it arrived at its highest point of perfection, with the Art of Giotto and Raphael, of Hemling and Albert Diirer: Engraving on wood and metal, with which is associated the work of the medallist and the goldsmith: and after attempting to touch upon Playing-cards and Niello-work, we suddenly evoke that sublime invention destined to change the face of the world — Printing. Such are, in brief, some of the principal features of this Splendid picture. One can imagine what an infinity, what variety and richness, of details it Should contain.
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