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Početna Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horor Fantasy Eragon s Guide to Alagaesia

Eragon s Guide to Alagaesia

Paolini, Christopher

Šifra: 068891

Kategorija: Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horor

Podkategorija: Fantasy

Autor: Paolini, Christopher

Stranica: 32

Izdavač: Alfred A. Knopf

Godina: 2009

Mjesto izdavanja: New York

Uvez: Tvrdi

Format: 30x26 cm

Stanje knjige: Kao nova


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From the creators of the bestselling books Dragonology, Egyptology, Piratelogy, and others, this is a never-before-seen glimpse into the world of Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance cycle. Alagaësia comes alive in a lush and detailed look at an unforgettable magical land. From elves, dwarves, Urgals, humans, and dragons, to the natural landscape and the magic it contains, Eragon himself offers the reader an unsurpassed tour. This oversized, full-color book provides 15 spreads chock full of spectacular artwork, engaging novelty elements, and fascinating insights into Eragon’s home. With gorgeous jewels adorning the cover and pages filled with envelopes, gatefolds, samples of dragon skin, and more, Eragon’s Guide to Alagaësia is sure to appeal to the legions of fans of Christopher Paolini’s bestselling Inheritance cycle.
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