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Becoming: Basic Considerations

Allport, Gordon

Šifra: 058354

Kategorija: Foreign languages (English, Francais, Italiano, Deutsch, etc.)

Podkategorija: English Social Sciences (philosophy, humanities)

Autor: Allport, Gordon

Stranica: 106

Izdavač: Yale University Press

Godina: 1983

Mjesto izdavanja: New Haven & London

Uvez: Meki

Format: 13x20 cm

Stanje knjige: Vrlo dobro


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Basic Considerations for a Psychology of Personality. A distinguished psychologist outlines here the need for a psychology of "becoming," of the growth and development of personality that he says "can best be discovered by looking within ourselves." Modern psychology is in a dilemma, Allport states, for it has trimmed down the image of a man as a free democratic being. He appraises the present state of the psychology of personality and indicates its relevance to human welfare and religion.
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